Download and Usage Agreement


IF you are downloading, listening or otherwise viewing or in any way utilizing SONOFAGUN.ME audio & video material you must agree to this document before you listen, watch, download or purchase anything, what we call "The Download & Usage Agreement" terms as follows:

Note that "A Single" generated or performed piece created by SON OF A G.U.N. may be downloaded and obtained by a registered "SONOFAGUN.ME Member" (a.k.a. web site "user") to/at SONOFAGUN.ME and considered herein as "The Artwork" (being the content you are about to obtain/download) and refers to both content that may be obtained in Digital MP3 Audio Format and/or Multimedia Video and Audio Formats - collectively both will be referred to herein as "The Artwork" or "Artwork" or "Artworks" all inclusively.

1. You agree to utilize, listen and repetitively enjoy this download "The Artwork" yourself without copying, duplicating, sharing, selling or distributing it in any way, shape or form.   You agree that you will not burn or forge the "The Artwork" to any portable media such as USB drives, CD, DVD, Blu-Ray or any other device or format for sharing purposes.  The content obtained from SONOFAGUN.ME is intended for Single User usage therefore your purchased copy is your privilege to enjoy over-and-over, as often as you like, where you like, but is not intended for non-members and others to piggyback and enjoy without being a SONOFAGUN.ME Member.  It is your responsibility as a SONOFAGUN.ME Member to uphold The Rock Law! (see "Terms of Usage")

2.  You agree it is strictly forbidden to upload, broadcast, advertise or self promote "The Artwork" produced by SON OF A G.U.N. on any social media web site, such as, but not limited to YouTube or any other internet web site or page, or any other platform, device or media without the express written consent and approval of two (2) SONOFGUN.ME artists.  Be it clear two (2) official SONOFAGUN.ME artists must agree to anything regarding "The Artwork" being seen or listened to outside of single purchase agreements.  

3.  You agree that "The Artwork" is the property of SON OF A G.U.N. and meum et tuum its founding owner.   You may respectfully re-perform the audio aspect of "The Artwork" should you so wish to do so with appropriate credit made to SONOFAGUN.ME only with the express written consent of two (2) SONOFGUN.ME artists.  

4.  Lastly, you agree to the SONOFAGUN.ME "Privacy Policy" and the "Terms of Use" printed on this website.

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