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SON OF A G.U.N. and SONOFAGUN.ME (“SOAG”, “we”, “us” or “our”) welcomes you to its online website (collectively, including all content and functionality available through the SONOFAGUN.ME domain name, the “SON OF A G.U.N. Web site” or “Website”).

We sincerely hope you enjoy and keep your downloaded "Artworks" and faithfully remain a SONOFAGUN.ME Member/Subcriber.  However, in order to be part of this little underground group of wing-nuts you must adhere by a few rules of conduct (so to say) so that we can continue to do what we do without getting into legal trouble and for you to continue to hopefully enjoy it without interruption.

The SONOFAGUN.ME website is intended to be a collection reservoir of audio/video "Artworks" not for public viewing derived from experiences thus forth original audio content wrote and recorded by SON OF A G.U.N as Audio Art and not intended as a Musical Endeavour for commercial or free open public usage.  SON OF A G.U.N. is a private venture granting listening and viewing access to SONOFAGUN.ME Members only and shall retain the rights to all audio files. Thus it be considered that "downloads" are rental agreements with no physical rental return.  Audio & Video productions are not intended for public usage and shall be classified only as experimental objects that of creative pursuit as individually considered only that of "An Audio Montage of Moving Motion Pictures."  The "Artworks" developed or otherwise derived shall be considered "Art for Art's Sake" and not intended to violate source material or one's presumed copyright on such that of which found content from public sources such as YouTube may consist of.   As Art for Art's Sake, SON OF A G.U.N. proceeds on the art concept that public source content that appears in our "Artworks" are purely that of collected casual content transformed into art; therefore, it is not intended to discredit or poorly illustrate the subjects or to remove such subject material from original context disrespectfully.  This is why we don't want people sharing our "Artworks" knowing that in some cases we might piss some people off.  Membership to the SONOFAGUN.ME web site is like an oath you take to become part of our cult ("cult" meaning the way we see it).  Please refer to the "Download and Usage Agreement" part 1 i.e. The Rock Law so that we avoid any unpleasant contacts by entities or people who do not see it the way we see it.

Furthermore, if you are a musical artist or musician we don't necessarily apologize for insulting the theoretical craft of conceptual music, but we do realize we hacked the shit out of it.  Please note: SON OF A G.U.N. makes no claim to music, we are not musicians, we do not do live performances, nor do we stake claim the ability to play an instrument, or anything that shall be classified as music entertainment.  For the record, SON OF A G.U.N. is not music - it is Audio/Video Art - ear/eye manipulation if you will - nothing more.  

By accessing or using any part of the SONOFAGUN.ME website you agree to be bound by these Artist Terms of Service (the “Terms of Usage Agreement” or this “Agreement”), as well as the SONOFAGUN.ME  Privacy Policy (the “Privacy Policy”) and the SONOFAGUN.ME Download and Usage Agreement (the “Download and Usage Agreement”). If you do not agree to these 3 documents we recommend you forfeit your SONOFAGUN.ME Membership, delete any obtained content or "Artwork" and exit the site and do not return again.  

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